Korean Red Ginseng Tea 10ml X 30 packs (stick package)

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Amount: 10 ml x 30(stick type)

This Korean Red Ginseng Extract 10ml X 30 packs (stick package) is a concentrated pure red ginseng Extract stick type. To make it, we strictly select those appropriate to a standard quality among 6 year old fresh ginseng roots, wash, steam long time, dry and then concentrate them for easy to take.

Major ingredient and content

Korean red ginseng 100%, more than 70mg/g of red ginseng saponin content, 65% of solid) Mixture ratio of Korean red ginseng: Rootlet(70%), fine-root (30%)

How to Take:

Everyday, take 1 to 2 stick of extract or mixing it with hot water, or you may take it as it is

Add honey ir sweetener for better taste.