Korean Red Ginseng Extract Liquid by Bulrogeon 80ml X 30packs

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Amount: 80ml*30packs

Korean Red Ginseng Extract Liquid by BulRoGeon Extract Liquid is 100% red ginseng extract produced in the wake of boiling down 6-year old ginseng for a long time and packed in a pouch designed for consumer's convenience to meet the need for those busy at work today.
Additive-free and preservative-free product packed in Retort packing material offers you unique and original taste and aroma of 6-year old ginseng.

How to Take:

2 to 3 times a day, a pack (80ml) at a time

Major Ingredient and content :

100% 6-year old red ginseng (root 60%, branch 40%) (60% or more solid component, 70mg/g or more
Korean-made red ginseng saponin)

Caution :

Do not heat a package in a microwave oven.please dip into hot water for short time if you want to warm it up.

Storage :

Protect from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place