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Fermented mulberry vinegar uses only carefully-selected 100% locally-grown mulberries, and it is a naturallyfermented
beverage with a refreshing flavor. Mulberry improves the function of internal organs, especially the liver
and the kidneys, and it relieves thirst, breaks down alcohol, and sooths mind. Vitamin C is added to the beverage to
improve flavor and nutrition.
Mulberry contains glucose and fructose, citric acid, malic acid, tannin, pectin as well as vitamins(A,B1,B2,D),
calcium, phosphorus, an iron. It is used as a tonic for improving muscular strength and energy, and known to be
good for strengthening internal organs, especially the liver and the kidneys. It relieves thirst, alleviates stiff joints,
decomposes alcohol, and soothes mind. It is good for insomnia and forgetfulness, and prevents white hair growth.
With its blood forming function, it relieves rheumatism. It is eaten raw or made into wine or juice. Since ancient
times, mulberry wine has been treated precious. It has a really beautiful color, and it is not sour, but has a sweet
taste because it has a small amount of organic acid. When making wine, unripe mulberries are used. The flavor or
aroma can be strengthened by mixing it with apricot wine or pomegranate wine. The extract of mulberry can be
added to flour to make cookies or dried at low temperature to make into powder.a