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Fermented jujube vinegar uses only carefully-selected 100% locally-grown jujubes. With it
diuretic function, it helps lose weight, and is good for strengthening the function of large
intestines and protecting respiratory organs. It also has a function of warming up the body,
so it is known to be good for treating females’ cold body symptoms.
Jujube is also called Chinese date. It has a reddish brown skin and an oval shape with 1.5-
2.5cm in length. It has a sweet taste when fully ripen. It can be eaten fresh, and dried to use
it for cooking or as medicine. It can be made into wine, tea, vinegar, or porridge. Honeypreserved
jujubes are very popular in China, Japan and Europe. In oriental medicine, it is
used as a diuretic, a tonic, and a sedative or a relaxation agent.