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Fermented brown rice black vinegar is a wellbeing beverage produced by fermenting carefully-selected brown rice, and it
contains a lot of nutrients because it is directly made from wine brewed in a Korean traditional fermentation method.
Compared with regular vinegar, it contains more amino acids and organic acid, as well as essential amino acids that cannot
be made within the body. It is also an alkaline health food containing a lot of calcium, iron and minerals.
Since ancient times, Korea has been making a wide variety of vinegar by fermenting various grains, and among them, brown
rice vinegar is used most in Korea. The process of making brown rice vinegar is not different from that of regular vinegar:
Wash and soak brown rice and then cook the rice not too sticky; mash it up, mix it with rice leaven, and add water to change
it to a gluttonous condition; then, mix in dry yeast, pour the mixture into a jar, and keep the jar in a shady location for natural
fermentation. Do not place a lid over the jar, but cover it with a sheet of paper made of mulberry bark or a net to let in air.
After 10-12 months, vinegar is made. Before drinking, add some water to dilute the vinegar. Many people use brown rice
vinegar as a wellbeing food because it contains a lot of organic acid and amino acids that are generated in the process of
fermentation in addition to the nutrients in brown rice.
Black vinegar is recently getting a lot of attention as a wellbeing beverage, but it is a vinegar that usually brown vinegar is
fermented more than one year. Black vinegar was mostly made at Jin River in the southern region of China, but ever since
one Chinese merchant taught Japan how to make the vinegar, it is also produced a lot in Japan. As fermentation and aging
progresses, the color of vinegar darkens, an acidic flavor weakens, and just optimal sweetness and aroma remains in
vinegar, which makes the vinegar pleasingly drinkable. Compared with other varieties of vinegar, black vinegar contains a lot
more amino acids: This makes black vinegar an excellent diet food because amino acids prevent blood sugar from changing
to fat, and help consume blood sugar in muscles.