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Fermented bokbunja berry vinegar uses only carefully-selected 100% locally cultivatedbokbunja, and it is a naturally-fermented product with a distinctive flavor and function,which can be differentiated from other existing bokbunja beverages, by adding honey,vitamin C, and natural sweeteners.The name, bokbunja, meaning ‘a man overturning the urine bowl’, is originated from afolktale that, after eating this fruit, the stream of urine got so strong that it toppled thebowl.Bokbunja is a botanomical name for the berries of a rose cultivar, and the efficacy of theberries is cited in several ancient medicinal books, such as Dong-ui-bo-gam, Dang-bonbon-cho, and Bon-cho-jongsi-rok. The analysis of pharmacological action according tomodern medicine also reports that a lot of poly phenol is contained in the fruit.