Dandelion & Thistle Pills

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Dandelion & Thistle Pills are effective in protecting the linings of the liver as well as providing essential aminos and minerals.

Dandelion is great for the modern people because it is low in fat and has low calories as well as being rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains amino-acids such as lysine and leucine that can be lacked in rice, minerals like potassium, and calcium, iron and taurine. Thistle is a wild perennial plant that has been used as a precious food for thousands years. It is rich in taraxaxteryl acetate, stigmasterol, amyrin. Particularly, Injin mugwort, of which contains protein, fat, sugar, fiber, pollen, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, niacin, has been widely used as a beneficial plant.


Ingredients and content

Dandelion 70% (Korea), Thistle 10% (Korea), Injin mugwort (Korea), Psyllium husks 5%, Oyster shell calcium 1.5%, Gluco Mannan 1.5%



Take 2~3 times a day with water (by 20~30pills)


How to Store

Avoid direct sunlight as well as hot or humid places. Store in a cool, dry place.