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100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!
100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!

Types of Punggi Ginseng

Fresh Ginseng Roots

There are non-dried ginseng gatthered from the fields containing 70-75% internal & external moisture. 4-6 year old ginseng roots are harvested & gathered, and these form the raw materials for all ginseng products.

White Ginseng Roots
There are peeled ginseng roots dried to a moisture level of less than 14% and are light yellow in color. They are classified into 4 types in accordance with their shapes: the straight type, bent type, and the semi-bent type.
Red Ginseng Roots
There are 4-6 year old ginseng roots that are steamed, and have light red, yellow, brown color tones. They are classified as Cheon ginseng. Ji ginseng, and Yang ginseng in accordance with quality and are mainly exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, etc.
Taegeuk Ginseng Roots
There are dried after being treated with hot water in a double pot and have a light yellow or brown color tone. Because these are not peeled, Taegeuk ginseng roots have a rich saponin content giving them superior quality. 
Ginseng Rootlets
There are the remaining rootlets in the processing procedure of white & Taegeuk ginseng roots, and they possess rich saponin content.