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100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!

Punggi Ginseng Short-Origin

The records state that during the Samguksa period in 734AD (the 33rd year of King Seongdeok, Shilla) 200 wild ginsengs were presented to King Hyeonje of Tang revealing that wild ginseng was already in abundant existence at Sobaeksan (Mountain) from the Shilla period. 

It started during the reign of King Jungjong in the Jeseon Dynasty when Ju, Se-bung (Shinjae) devised the human cultivation and production of ginseng where previously there was exclusive dependence on wild ginseng.

To satisfy the demand, he searched nationwide for places with similar soil and climatic conditions to where the ginseng was naturally growing, and with his appointment as the Governor of Punggi in 1541 he studied the soil and climate and not only did he discover abundant growth of wild ginseng in the area but also realized it was the most ideal location for ginseng cultivation. He was the first to collect mountain ginseng seeds and commence its cultivation and the records state that Royal Court exclusively used Punggi ginseng.