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100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!
100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!

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Nonghyup Korea Insam, which produces and distributes Korean red ginseng products, was established as a subsidiary of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(NACF) in August 2002.

We operate processing factories, manufacturing facilities and a research and development institute for red ginseng products. For nationwide distribution, our head office is located in Seoul, Korea.

Currently under the "HANSAMIN" brand there are a variety of products ranging from red ginseng and other related goods to beauty products.

Based on people's trust in the NACF, we have manufactured products using only 100 percent pure Korean ginseng, guaranteed. This purity is the biggest advantage of Nonghyup Red Insam products.

In Korea, we sell red ginseng products in more than 1,000 specialty shops at tehountry's renowned department stores, large discount stores, Nonhyup Hanaro marts and bank branch offices.

Nonghyup Red Insam Products are now exported into Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States, as well as China. Particularly, Beijing-based Tongrentang, a prestigious traditional Chinese medicine store, runs an exclusive shop selling Nonghyup Red Insam products. This is expected to contribute to increasing the brand recognition of HANSAMIN in the Chinese market.

In the future, we will make every effort to enable Korean ginseng growers to increase their profits and to provide our customers with safe HANSAMIN red ginseng products of the best quality by opening and operating fully state-of-the-art GMP factories for functional health food in 2007.

* Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a standard required to manufacture quality health foods, which is recommended by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).