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100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!
100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!

History & The Future

Nonghyup Red Insam 'HANSAMIN'

Korea Insam consists of 1,300 ginseng producers associations - members of the NACF. We directly sell HANSAMIN ginseng products from growers and producers that process raw ginseng and guarantee the quality of their products to Korean customers.



Nonghyup Korea Insam, a specialized company for production and distribution, was estalbished to produce and manage red ginseng products, increase ginseng cultivators' profits and contribute to the growth of the Korean ginseng industry. We are taking over the tradition from the former National Ginseng Cooperative Federation (NGCF), started as the Gaeseong Ginseng Association in 1910, and merged into the NACF in the year 2000. Our member producers have made and distributed safe and reliable ginseng products throught their own stringent and sanitary manufacturing management. This advantage helps us greatly contribute to the development of the Korean ginseng industry.




August 1996 Completed construction of Korea Ginseng Factory, the first manufacturing facility of the former National Ginseng Cooperative Federation(NGCF).
December 1998 Built the second ginseng manufacturing facility
July 2000 Consolidated the former National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(NACF), the National Livestock Cooperative Federation(NLCF) and the National Ginseng Cooperative Federation(NGCF) into the new NACF.
August 2002 Established Nonghyup Korea Insam Co., Ltd.
August 2005 Drew up plan to expand the exisitng manufacturing facilities and set


We hope to lead the global market and provide safe health food products to our customers by enhancing our manufacturing capacity to reach US $150 million in sales and building GMP manufacturing facilities that meet the standard required by Korea's Health Functional Food Act.


  • Make ginseng-related business thrive and increase farmers' incomes by enhancing agricultural capability in the ginseng industry.
  • Lead the functional health food industry through up-to-the-minute GMP
  • Popularize HANSAMIN red ginseng products through expansion into domestic and international markets
  • Become a key organization for the globalization of Korean ginseng