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100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!
100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!


Q. Which part of ginseng has the most saponin?

A. Saponin is usually found on the tip of the roots. But different parts of the ginseng have different saponins. So to intake all the saponin the whole root is recommended.

Q. What’s the difference between white ginseng and red ginseng?

A. The difference is in the processing,
White Ginseng : the skin of the ginseng is stripped and the ginseng is dried.
Red Ginseng : the ginseng is steamed without the skin being peeled. The heat makes a reaction that makes the ginseng turn red. Storage is easier, and through the steaming process new elements are made. Steamed ginseng has around 30 kinds of saponin while white ginseng only has 22.

Q. How do I boil red ginseng?

A. Using a small boiler add steamed red ginseng (20~30g), a piece of ginger (3g), in 1.5L of water and let it boil on low temperature for 2 hours until the juice fills one third of the boiler. If it doesn't work at once, try it up to three times. Drink 3~4 cups of it a day. It is better to keep it cool in the summer. Children under 15 should have half of the amount above. Using a large boiler, the extraction rate differs from the boiling time and temperature. 24 hours on a 86 ℃ base is recommended with 10 liters of water per 600g of ginseng

Q. Is it safe for infants to eat red ginseng?

A. If the infant is over 12 months old there will be no problem. If taken well, it will help the infant's appetite and brain growth. We recommend 100% ginseng to the infant. Overdoses of the product should be avoided.

Q. Is it safe for pregnant woman to eat red ginseng?

A. It is known to eastern medicine that red ginseng is good for the pregnant mother and infant. But pre-caution is required, large doses should be avoided.

Q. Does red ginseng have any side effect?

A. To eastern medicine, ginseng is known to have no problems. But to some there might be some allergic reactions or adapting periods. For the people who need adapting periods, some symptoms might come up suddenly for a couple of days, but will vanish in the given time.

Q. When is the best time to take red ginseng?

A. It doesn't matter whether you eat it on an empty or full stomach. It will absorb better on an empty stomach but if you’re uncomfortable with it, you can always eat it after meals.

Q. How long will it take to see the results?

A. That is based on the health of the person who is taking it. The elderly and sick will see more rapid results while the healthy will see the results rather slowly. But we do recommend the healthy people to take constant doses of it for a long time for their health.