About Us

Welcome !

We sincerely would like to welcome you to the homepage of Korean Red Ginseng (KorGinseng).

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to address and introduce our company to you.

HANSAMIN was established in 2004 in the business name of “HANSAMIN” and we are offering quality products at affordable prices.

Through direct import of excellent Korean ginseng products and our extensive network of direct wholesalers and suppliers, we are able to provide our product at the best prices.

HANSAMIN has established a new Korean ginseng industry standard for providing the consumer with the highest quality Korean ginseng products. Our customers are the first priority. We have various different products and we have store locations all over the states. With the opportunity to become healthier, we want to assist you in achieving all your health goals.

We are ready to supply our goods to our customers at anytime.

In Won Kang, CEO


03/2002 - Exclusive distributor contract with Korea Nonghyup Red Ginseng for West Coast of US market.
10/2002 - Retail "well-being gift" open for brand name "HANSAMIN".
2003 - CJ America supply contract.
- 1st Red Ginseng Retail Store opens up in HK Market in LA.
- Online business launches.
10/2005 - Exclusive distributor contract with Punggi Korean Ginseng for West Coast of US Market.
2007 - 2nd Red Ginseng Retail Store opens at IB Plaza in LA.
2007 - Supplier of raw material to American company.