Fermented Kelp Powder Balls

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Fermented Kelp Powder Balls are rich in Vitamins vitamin C and E to make body line management !!!

Kelp is a long used oriental remedy since the ancient days. Because of its abundance in vitamins and minerals, royals used to always have kelp dishes on the side at every meal. Kelp restores lost potassium and Vitamin E in your body, and keeps you feeling refreshed throughout the day. Kelp is also known to be rich in fiber, so it helps you feel full without the extra calories.


Net contents



Ingredients and content

Kelp 80% (Korea), Injin mugwort, flour, Oligosaccharide



Take 2-3 times a day with water (by 20-30 pills)



If you are pregnant or have any allergies, please consult your health professional before taking this product.

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