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100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!
100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!

Honeyed Sliced Red Ginseng (6yr 10pcs)

by Daedong
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Amount: 20g x 10

6-year old rich Korean red ginseng sliced into the piece sized 2.5 3.0mm, which are preserved with honey mixed with powdered Deer Horn that offers unique taste and aroma of its own. The products individually packed provides the consumers enjoying outdoor sports or travel with a great convenience. Particularly powered Deer Horn mixed with honey, coupled with red ginseng effect, are good for those being exhausted after exercise, the aged who plays golf, those suffering carsick or airsick, or staying up for study or work, drivers on a journey, or those suffering a chronic fatigue. You may either take the slices as it is or drink it diluted in hot water.

Major ingredient and content

100% 6-year old red ginseng (70mg/g of saponin, 60% or more solid component, Korean-made) Composition of sugars-Honey with powered Deer Horn: 20%, high density fructose t: 30%, low density fructose: 50%