Korean Red Ginseng Extract 240g by Bulrogeon brand

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Amount: 240g

100% Authentic Korean Red Ginseng Extract by Bulrogeon produced with 6-year authentic Korean red ginseng with an "Elvan Drying System" developed in Korea.
1g of this Korean red ginseng extract is equivalent to 2g of other red ginseng products in the market, and with its high concentration, even a small amount of extract will be enough to offer the unique taste and aroma, not to mention its effect. You will be saved the trouble of boiling the red ginseng yourself.

Take1 to 2 spoonful of extract daily.
Mixing it with hot water, or you may take it as it is.

Major ingredient and content

100% 6-year old Korean red ginseng extract (at least 70mg of red ginseng saponin, 60% of solid
component, Korean-made)

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