Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pill Gold

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Amount 150g

This is a concentrated pure red ginseng pill gold. To make it, we strictly select those appropriate to a standard quality among 6 year old fresh ginseng roots, wash, steam long time, dry and and then concentrate aged ginseng extracts (6 years) into a pill .

How to Take:

Adults: Two or Three times a day(5 pills) with enough water. Children Under 15: Half dosage of adults


Red Ginseng pill gold(6 years old Korean Red Ginseng) 37% red ginseng extract(more than 60% of solid ingredients, more than 70mg/g of red ginseng ingredients. rice flour,starch,glutinuous rice flour,red ginseng powder of 1.5%, crystallined cellulose and homebred honey,etc.

Caution before Taking:

  • The substance marked is based on an adult so teh quality taken can be different based on age and physical conditions of the person under 15 years old.
  • Ingest with suffcient water, three times a day and five pills per serving. If deciding to take a higher dosage call consumer counseling. Keep out of reach of children.




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