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What is Nonghyup Group?

What is Nonghyup Group?

Nonghyup Group is an integrated project group established by Agricultural Cooperatives Act in 1961, running over 5 thousand financial networks all over the country and taking charge of marketing, processing and export of agro-products as well as educational support to farmers.

Nonghyup Group is composed of 1,300 member organizations (including 2,370,000 members). Five thousand financial branches, twenty one affiliates and four foreign officers.

 NACF (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation) generalizing Nonghyup Group is a Korean representative cooperative organization with 202 trillion won of capital, 9.6 trillion won of turnover in economic business section and 101 trillion won of credit receiving in financial business section.

Nonghyup Group will extend the synergy effect of marketing, management and finance by creating the value of environment, region and human-oriented cooperative through agriculture, and will realize the world's first agricultural cooperative in the 21st century by maximizing reliability between customers and NACF.

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