Our Brief History

Our Brief History

Dec 16, 1995

Punggi Premium Goods Agricultural Cooperative established(120 Million capital)

Sep 15, 1996

Red ginseng, taegeuk ginseng, white ginseng manufacture commenced

Jan 13, 1997

Ginseng food products manufacture license acquired (ginseng root slice, red ginseng extract, red ginseng tablet, red ginseng tablet tea, red ginseng powder tea, red ginseng powder, honeyed ginseng, tablet)

Feb 26, 2000

Export contract with Japan

Jun 9, 2000

Capital increased by 200 million, total capital 320 million

Aug 31, 2000

Awarded the bronze prize at the 2000 Korea Traditional Food Contest

Sep 7, 2000

First export to Japan

Sep 7, 2000

Participation in the Japan International Food Festival

Nov 15, 2000

Awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize (Awarded a company of merit for the development of the processing industry in 2000)

May 14, 2001

Usage permit for the Goryeo ginseng character obtained (permit number 2001-04)

Aug 30, 2001

Usage permit for the Gyeonsangbuk-do good Agricultural Product trademark obtained (permit number 01-6-6)

Nov 15, 2001

Awarded the Korea Traditional Food Best 5 prize (No. 2001-105)

Nov 23, 2002

The HACCP certification mark acquired (No. 2425)

Dec 10, 2002

ISO 9001 certification mark acquired (No. QAIC/KR/10650)

Aug 4, 2003

Selected as a Cheongwadae (Blue House) Presidents’ souvenir (Honeyed Ginseng) (process no. 765-152)

Nov 7, 2003

Awarded the Gyeongbuk Agricultural Administration grand prize (No. 915)

Aug 10, 2004

$150,000 exports to the USA

Oct 21, 2004

Awarded the Korea Red Ginseng Rice Cake Best 5 prize (No. 2004-69)

Dec 15, 2004

Visitation by President Roh Moo-Hyun

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