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100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!
100% Korean Red Ginseng - FREE SHIPPING $150 OR MORE!
Developing a Ginseng Business

Developing a Ginseng Business

We will always do our best so that, "HANSAMIN" ginseng products, a creation of Korean ginseng farmers' sweat and pride in their work, could become reliable, world-class goods.



Monghyup Korea Insam has greatly reduced costs by improving on the manufacturing process and systematized interrelated organizations between members of the NACF and expanded businesses using a common brand. We have also strengthened the function of agents selling our products and increased sales capability through television shopping channels. To restore consumer confidence, we have issued a certificate of inspection from a ginseng inspection agency of the NACF that guarantees the root age of ginseng and its place of origin and grade. By doing so, we prevent illegal distribution and take the lead in creating a reliable distribution environment for consumers. people from spending hours at home boiling down woody red ginseng.

Also, we make the best effort to globalize Korean ginseng. In particular, in order to expand the export of Korean ginseng, we secured exclusive shops for HANSAMIN Nonghyup Red Insam products in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States and obtained official approval from the Chinese government in 2004 to export ginseng.


The NACF has strengthened its stable production based so that the ginseng business could efficiently be activated. To do so, the NACF plans to secure a sufficient quantity of raw ginseng by opening Nonghyup ginseng distribution centers in the Seoul metropolitan area, the country's largest ginseng through member federations or secure an adequate amount of ginseng through strategic alliances with processed ginseng product associations. In short, the NACF would buy the whole quantity of raw ginseng from contract cultivation of 1,235 ~1,730 acres every year from 2004 to 2013 by promoting ginseng production and distribution business, emerging as a new alternative.

The NACF will help stimulate the member federations' ginseng business, and provide stable markets for ginseng growers by buying undried ginseng from farmers and producing processed ginseng products. Also, we will take the lead in the globalization of Korean ginseng by entering the global market.

In order to fulfill the purpose of establishment of the Nonghyup Korea Insam, we make every effort to become a key organization for the globalization of Korean ginseng products, playing a leading role in increasing Korean ginseng growers' profile and developing the country's ginseng industry.

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